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STARZ CEO Chris Albrecht Announces the Network is Developing My Novel for Series



Two days ago, at a press conference in Beverly Hills, Chris Albrecht, the CEO of the STARZ network, announced to the entire world that his company is developing my novel THE DIRTY GIRLS SOCIAL CLUB for a half-hour TV series. Of course, I’d known this for a while, but had not been able to talk about it because we were all awaiting the official announcement. Now, it’s here! Hurray!

The half-hour series will be fun, sexy and smart, focused on the intertwined lives of six diverse women friends in New York City.

I am thrilled. Like beyond thrilled. I could not have asked for a better team than the one STARZ has put together. Anne Thomopolous and Lucia Cottone are Co Executive Producers. Ligiah Villalobos is the showrunner, Co Executive Producer and head writer. I get to tag along as another Co Executive Producer and paid consultant. We will also have Robin Shushan on board as a writer for the show. From the get-go I have been incredibly impressed by the intelligence, compassion and insight demonstrated by the executives I’ve met with at Starz, including Marta Fernandez and Carmi Zlotnik. Even though we are still very early in the development stages, I do feel pretty confident about this show eventually getting made, just because the assembled talent and experience is too incredible for it not to.

It has been a surreal week. There are a few days that stand out in my mind as being formative, careerwise, and this is on that short list. My first staff writing job for a newspaper felt a little like this, as did the day I found out I’d sold my first novel to a major publishing house. I am just so so SO happy that Starz gets my material, my voice, my message of empowered and authentic Latina experiences.

I will keep y’all updated as development and, hopefully, production progresses. Please feel free to ask me any questions you might have here, in the comments section.

A big thank-you to Starz for their support. This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!