My Fans and Readers Set Me Straight

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A couple of weeks back, I came up with what I thought was a great idea – tour the country and offer luxurious weekend empowerment retreats for my readers and others. Seemed like a cool concept, and there was TONS of interest from hundreds of woman and a few men – but then a funny […]

How To Be As Hot and Happy As Sisyphus – Wait…What?

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So, I’m about to throw some badass college-learnin’ booksmart stuff at you. Hold on. Don’t run away yet. I’ll try to make it short and sexy and whatever else we all need in the Instagram Kardashianized Age of Highlightenment. So, like, there’s this story in Greek mythology, right?  About a dude named Sisyphus. In the interest […]

Want to Stop Overeating? Then Stop Using This Four-Letter Word

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For many years, starting in my mid-20s, I overate. Sometimes I just sat there alone in my apartment afterwards, feeling like a detestable lump of garbage. Other times, I’d try to feel less like lumpy rubbish, by forcing myself to vomit into the toilet. I did this for almost 15 years, until my own stomach acid began to erode […]