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My Fans and Readers Set Me Straight


A couple of weeks back, I came up with what I thought was a great idea – tour the country and offer luxurious weekend empowerment retreats for my readers and others. Seemed like a cool concept, and there was TONS of interest from hundreds of woman and a few men – but then a funny thing happened. Hardly anyone signed up.

So I called people.

Yep. On their actual cell phones.

Some thought I was joking, that it couldn’t be me. Most were sort of excited. And we talked. I asked them why they were interested but not signing up and they let me know, in no uncertain terms, that I was asking entirely too much money from them. I had been asking $1295 for a weekend, but learned through talking to my base that this was unreasonable for most of them.

Fair enough.

What would you like instead? I asked. What can we do to compromise, so that I can meet you and you can meet me, and no one is going broke or feeling taken advantage of? Again and again they told me more or less the same thing. That they were busy, money was tight, but they loved me and wanted to meet me, hear me talk, and socialize and network with other empowered Latinas.

And I heard them.

So, here’s what we’re going to do instead. I’m scrapping the SUCIA Weekends, for now. I am scaling WAY back, to ONE city at a time, and we are going to do brunch instead. Just brunch. A talk. Some writing and empowerment networking exercises. Y ya. Books for sale, book signing. And we are doing it for $149 instead of $1295.

We are launching on JUNE 17, 2017, in SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS. I’ve already put the deposit on the room, so I hope y’all don’t let me down! Let’s fill this thing up. We’ll have so much fun!

The $149 will include food and (non alcoholic) beverages; a free ebook download code; my talk; writing materials; interactive empowerment workshop; and a gift bag.

This seems a lot more egalitarian and fun. Dating, not marriage. We will do this in one city to pilot the idea, and if it works, we will come to the next.

Sound good?

By the way, when I told my friend, the marketing guru, what I’d done, she was giddy: “You just did what every marketer should do. Put an idea out. Test it. Get feedback if it doesn’t work. Find out what people want, then relaunch to meet their needs.”

You’re welcome!

So, San Antonio, who’s in? CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!


12 Responses to My Fans and Readers Set Me Straight

  1. Though I am not rich, open arms and an open wallet await you here. I’m just saying 😉

  2. I hope it’s a success and that you can bring this to Chicago! I’d love to spend the day with you!

  3. If you come to Portland Oregon I will be there!! Brunch sounds amazing!

  4. Is San Francisco in the picture? I would love to join.

  5. Sounds like a plan, Alisa.

  6. I am really sad you cannot come to Boston. Makes me even more sad I couldn’t break free of my then-demanding job when you were here in residence for a week. I hope I can still see you one day. I am not a Sucia, but I feel like I’ve walked along side you for years as a fan and supporter. Best of luck in Texas Alisa.

  7. Jose Rafael Prieto

    Alisa, it sounds like a great project Wishing you success and lots of fun! Maybe you’ll get to New York one day in the near future!!

  8. Hi Mennette! That would be so fun! What restaurants would you recommend?

  9. Hi Jose! Yes. NYC would be fun. Let’s get this first event done and see where we are at.

  10. I would love to come that way. At this point I only have San Antonio scheduled. I want to pilot the event there and see how it goes.

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