The-black-pendant-lamps-in-the-dining-room-of-the-Cat-house-800x1200Well, hello there! Thank you so much for visiting my website. My family and I are super appreciative of your interest in and support of my work – and, yes, family includes a dog and cat around here. Maybe it shouldn’t.  I mean, I know the dog is grateful. Dogs are grateful as their default setting. I’m honestly not sure about the cat. He mostly just looks self-satisfied. So I don’t suppose I should be speaking for him. He speaks for himself, and it’s usually just this weird gacking sound that he makes at birds, like he thinks they’ll fly right into his mouth. They never do. But the rest of us over here in cozy little house in the desert? We are so glad you’re here! Please take a look around. Make yourself at home. Welcome.